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Love Them While They're Here

It was June 19, 2011, Father's Day, when my mom passed away. She died from cancer at 86 years of age. Life began to change. My sister and I had to get rid of just about everything from the home because we could not afford the expense of storage. My sister came to live with my boyfriend and I. Life was very difficult for my sister because she had lived with our mom for many years. My mom was not just our mom; she was our best friend.
Love Them While They're Here!
I was sad and stressed and dealing with going back to work. My cat Miracle took the brunt of it. When you are stressed you take it out on whomever is right there at that moment. I was trying to prepare food to take to work and Miracle was right there waiting for food. I lost it and lashed out, yelling at her for no reason. All she wanted was food and attention. How would Miracle know what was going on inside my head.
Love Them While They're Here!
After 9 years of never going any further than our backyard, she went looking for attention elsewhere. There was another cat in the area. Miracle would have to cross the street to get to it. She never made it. Her 9 years of excellent health was taken away in an instant. It was late at night and being black, she was not easily seen. It happened only one week after my mom passed away.
Love Them While They're Here!
I lost my mom and my cat, both very dear to me. Many years back my sister and I lost our dad at a very young age from congestive heart failure.
Did I love my mom enough while she was here? Did I tell her enough? Did I give my cat enough love and attention while she was here? Only I can answer those questions.
I was given another chance one year later. A one year old cat adopted my boyfriend and I. She was watching us every time we were in the yard working. Every day she would come closer and closer until she let us feed her. We had given info to all the local Veterinarians. No one called for her. We named her Dejavue because she looks just like Miracle.
Remember! Always Love them while they're here.
Tell them you love them. Show them you love them. You will be surprised at how good it feels for them and for you.

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