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Some Interesting Facts About Barack Obama

Obama is the current and 44th leader of US who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on fourth August 1961. Before he got the leadership of being the 44th president of US, Obama studied and worked in different places. There are plenty of interesting facts about Barack Obama that people searching to know more about him can take advantage of.

Obama met his wife Michelle when he was interning in Chicago Law Firm of Sidley Austin. Initially Michelle hated Obama before they started dating and finally married after courting for two years. Their marriage was led by Reverend Wright at the Trinity United Church of Christ in 1992, the same Reverend who baptized Natasha and Malia, their daughters.

At his early age while living in Indonesia after his mother had divorced his father and married Lolo, Obama loved to play rode water buffalo and rice paddies besides eating snake meat, chili peppers, roasted grasshopper and dog meat. Obama had a monkey pet which he called Tata. Through his life in Indonesia he met and lived with people of different characters.

While in high school, he loved playing basketball even though he did not feel welcomed by his peers. As a way to fight this loneliness and try to fit with his peers, Obama started smoking pot, experimenting with cocaine and drinking. However, he later stopped abusing drugs though some tales claim that he still smokes cigarette.

Some other unknown facts about Barack Obama explain the information about his family. One of these facts explains the background of his father who was a Kenyan from the luo tribe. It explains how he was a remarkable student before he was expelled from school due to the claim that he was rude and did not attend all the classes. His father though many people claim he was Muslim spent his life as an atheist.

Through his youthful looks, texting and social life on the web he ended up boosting his campaign that led to his huge following. For example, his continuous and persuasive utilization of the internet led to him wining the presidential elections. Additionally, it made him achieve more recognition on both the web and offline.

Obama has worked in different places since his childhood until he won the United States presidential elections. For instance, in 1985 he worked on a Chicago group known as the developing communities project that works to empower the poor through grass roots organization. He also had earlier worked at Baskin-Robbins the work that made him to dislike ice cream even to date.

These are the little known Facts about Barack Obama most of which happened at different occasions as well as for different reasons. A number of them explain his adulthood while some others explain his childhood. Knowing these details can allow you understand more about the present Obama and discover a few of the hidden things you will probably have never been aware of his life. You can also appreciate some things about your life given that Obama grew up like many kids in different parts of the world although he later grew to become the US president.

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