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Maintenance Of A Window Air Conditioning Unit

Window air conditioners are the most widely used units, with their popularity extending to both domestic and commercial premises, providing heating and cooling to the areas specified. Unlike split and central air conditioners, they can be installed in the window space, creating a good look and not occupying any space in the room.

One of the main ways you lose precious cool air is through poorly sealed doors and windows. Check around your windows and doors to see if you are losing air. If you find that you are, you can purchase weather stripping from your local hardware or home improvement store and seal up those cracks and crevices. You will be amazed what a difference that little inexpensive weather stripping can make. It will help to keep the warm air out and your cool air in. This will also help to reduce your energy bill.

When you fail to change your ac filters on a regular basis, the filters become full of dust and debris. Over time they can get really clogged which can cause extra pressure on your ac unit. This can not only be harmful to your unit, making have to work harder, but it can also cause your system to use more energy which in turn costs more money. So, as you can see, it actually pays to change your filters, no matter how much of a pain it may seem at the time.

It is a wise decision to have your unit checked out once a year by a heating and air company that you can trust. They will check your unit over and clean it thoroughly. They will replace any belts or parts that may need replacing and also see to it that your Freon level is sufficient. Having routine maintenance will add to the life and efficiency of your unit.

Any vibrating or rattling sound in the unit should be checked on, as this is not a normal situation. Improper installation or side panels that are not secured tightly, can result in this abnormality. If any scraping noise is heard however, the unit should be taken to an authorized service provider for assistance, or if you are able to, you can try and detect the source of the sound and repair it yourself.

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