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Ideas For Safari Living Room

Safari living room ideas bring the exotic jungle vibe in the interior design of a living space. They are perfect for fans of the wilderness and homeowners with the adventurous spirit. They are the best ways to feel like you are on a big safari adventure every day.

Furniture in neutral colors is a prime example of safari living room ideas to make the furniture stand out. This furniture must be in a lighter shade than the walls. Examples would be a tan couch with brown walls or a brown couch with beige walls.

Safari living room ideas offer a choice as far as curtains are concerned. For the windows, curtains with heavy fabrics or textures, such as canvas, may be selected. On the other hand, the idea of curtains can be forgone altogether to make way for bamboo roman shades.

The addition of greenery to the space is a concern of safari landscaping ideas. This can be attained with woven baskets filled with tall green reeds and other leafy foliage. Tall, African inspired vases featuring ornate detailing or painted safari landscapes can be filled with branches and scattered around the room.

Safari living room ideas add a sense of adventure to a home, without having to leave the country or travel to the jungle room set up by Elvis Presley in his Graceland home. Safari inspired exotic accessories and styles are available in antique stores, home decor stores and, most conveniently, online.

Rugs, carpets, throw pillows and wall decor are safari living room ideas that may feature animal prints. A pattern with zebra or cheetah prints may be taken and used as the theme for the furniture, decor, wall and window treatments. Jungle ideas mixing earthy tones may be inclusions to the design. Earthy tones would be deep browns, greens, oranges, golds and yellows.

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