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How To Find Baan Sathorn Chaophraya

Interested in buildings that seem to touch the sky? The best place to see Baan Sathorn Chaophraya is in Bangkok, Thailand. Flights to Bangkok from San Francisco, California, take between 20 and 24 hours and make at least one stop to refuel. From New York, the flight time is roughly the same. Clearly, this is not the kind of place to visit on a day trip if you live in the United States.

One thing that really smacks you in the face about the city is its complex network of waterways. In addition to the Chao Phraya that divides the city into two halves, east and west, there are hundreds of rivulets, canals and channels. The system of roadways throughout and across the city is every bit as complex. Highway on ramps and off ramps sometimes stand two or three layers high in places.

Bangkok is one of the world's primate cities. This is not a section of the city zoo, nor is it where the pope stays when he is in town. It is defined as a city that is at least twice the size in area as the next-largest city and considerably more than twice its importance on the world stage. Vienna, Paris and London are all examples of primate cities. Not every nation in the world has one.

One of the best places to visit with family and friends in Thailand is Art in Paradise, an interactive, three-dimensional art museum. The place is simply filled with charming and imaginative exhibits. Unlike most museums that won't let visitors take pictures, Art in Paradise totally encourages it. Expect to come home with gigabytes of hilarious moments.

For those with a genuine interest in forensics, the curious and the downright ghoulish, there is the Bangkok Forensic Museum. Situated inside the Siriraj Hospital, the museum consists of six separate rooms, each one weirder than the one before. One of the most fascinating exhibits shows a collection of human parasites and how they affect the bodily organs. Equally exciting, though not for the fainthearted, is the room housing bodies of accident victims and murderers.

Another feature of this beautiful city is its high-rise, luxury condos. Some of the best ones are found on the banks of the river. There is nothing as exciting as waking up and opening your curtains to a full-length, room-wide window with an exquisitely panoramic view across the vast city.

The Bangkok Hospital Medical Center is one of the most technically sophisticated facilities on the planet. The Bangkok Heart Hospital has performed more than 1,500 surgeries and treated more than 40,000 patients since its opening in 2005. The International Hospital, where 28 different languages are spoken, is equipped to meet the social and cultural needs of a globally diverse population of people seeking the finest in medical care. Kyoto University, one of the world's most prestigious institutions of higher learning, has an office in the city of Bangkok.

Waterways, highways, world class medical institutions, this is a city that teems with life. Once you set foot here, you won't want to leave. So, don't. Find yourself a condo and move in permanently!

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