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Using A Bat Removal Service In Sarasota FL Benefits The Environment

Bats and humans have lived together as long as both have existed. From caves to cottages, these flying mammals are attracted to safe hiding places that provide an ideal location for raising a family. When one pair moves in others follow, creating a problem for the human residents. A bat removal service in Sarasota FL helps homeowners regain control in an efficient and humane manner.

Most people find small animals appealing, but are often repulsed or frightened by sharp-toothed flying creatures with webbed wings. They have become symbols of commercial Halloween merchandising, and actually do carry rabies and other unpleasant human illnesses. Some tropical species feed on animal blood, but most are responsible for harmful insect control, and for pollinating numerous fruiting plants.

Most people are aware of those facts, but still recoil at the idea of bats living in the attic. They stain the walls with their constant and copious guano, escape into occupied rooms, and are generally not welcome. Contrary to rumor, they do not like to chew on electrical wiring, but no business owner really wants to scare away customers at dusk when they emerge in swarms to feed.

Some species are small enough to squeeze through an opening less than an inch across, and many survive by colonizing new locations. Once a population is established, people may be tempted to deal with the problem through eradication, a polite term for killing with poison. That solution is completely illegal in most places, and only creates additional unforeseen problems.

By the time a bat colony becomes apparent, it has been there for some time. Even so, it can be difficult to pinpoint where the actual colony sleeps, especially in larger buildings. The best time to see them emerge is at dusk, revealing their exit and entry points. Small colonies are relatively easy to discourage by plugging small entrances or placing screens over vents.

Removing an entire population safely is a difficult and frustrating job that can be overwhelming. It often makes better sense to contract with a removal company that has the resources and experience to take the necessary steps. Because all buildings differ, a professional service evaluates each situation, creating a unique, workable plan to evict the bats humanely, followed by blocking the entrances permanently.

Like homeowners, most services start by making observations at dusk, and also during daylight hours when bats prefer to sleep. After a rough population estimate has been made, the removal company devises an appropriate plan of action based on the circumstances. Prior to blocking entrances and exits, all remaining animals are trapped for release elsewhere, and are handled with care.

An experienced eradication service never uses toxic repellents, and if the job is done thoroughly, will not usually need to return on a regular basis. It is important to preserve these beneficial bat populations, which are being decimated in some areas of North America by fungal disease. Without them, many areas would quickly be overrun by swarms of insects that devastate crops, bite humans, and spread disease.

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