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Tips On Home Waterproofing Atlanta

If you have just bought a home or you have lived in it for a number of years, you need to ensure that it is free from mold and it is safe for your family. In most cases, basements, decks and entry ways have places that are exposed to water. If water seeps into areas such as floors and walls, it can cause mold and mildew to grow. It can also cause wooden floors to rot.

Mold and mildew is known to cause diseases of the respiratory system. Damaged floors on the other hand can be unattractive and expensive to replace. There are a number of things that can be done to waterproof your property. To get the best outcome when it comes to waterproofing Atlanta dwellers should seek the guidance of qualified waterproofing contractors, architects or engineers. These professionals can provide homeowners with information about the most suitable technique to use.

Homeowners should consider a few things as they seek to make their homes watertight. They should consider how much it costs to waterproof a property and the area where the property is located. The materials that are commonly used to make properties watertight are bitumen and Kota stone but other specialized materials are also available. Materials such as fibermesh and APP sheets are popularly used to waterproof costly constructions like shopping malls.

One of the first things that are done when building a property is the pouring of strip footings. Waterproofing admixtures are added to concrete to make the footing impervious to moisture. Concrete slabs are then poured into a watertight membrane.

It is also crucial to make sure that membrane layers are applied to underground walls, retaining walls and planter boxes. The membrane layer will keep moisture from penetrating into these structures. The other place that needs to be waterproofed is the first layer of bricks on the foundation. Ideally, reinforcing bandage should be applied on the whole length of the walls so that this joint will be covered.

You should also waterproof the external walls of your property to keep moisture from penetrating in them from above ground level by sprinklers, rain or underground moisture. Making sure that wooden floors of a house do not attract mildew and mold easily is also essential. You can achieve this by waterproofing them at regular intervals.

Recently installed wood flooring should be made watertight with immediate effect. If the wooden flooring of a house has been previously waterproofed, homeowners can carry out a splash test. This is done by splashing water of the flooring and finding out if the floor will absorb it or not. If the water does not bead up, waterproofing compounds should be applied on the floor.

Another area that needs to be waterproofed is the basement. This will ensure that the basement and foundation of your property remain intact. If you see any signs of cracks on the foundation or basement, you need to perform repair work immediately in order to salvage your home. Using the services of a qualified contractor to help you waterproof your home is essential. Good contractors have advanced equipment that enables them to identify leakages in crawlspaces, basements and cracks in foundations and walls.

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