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Decorative Concrete Has Many Possible Uses

When decorative concrete is used to mimic the more expensive marble or flagstone, it gives the appearance of the higher priced material without costing as much. It may be stained, colored, stamped or polished. Each finish is practical when it comes to maintenance.

When textured and stamped, it will appear to be flagstone, brick, tile or wood. It can lend an attractive touch to the driveway, courtyard or patio. It is popular because it can be used in the color of choice. It creates the look of the more expensive materials without adding the higher cost.

The small or large area will have a designer look with this application. Often a small area is stamped to resemble the more expensive materials and create a contrast in pattern and color. It can also be used as a border on each side of a driveway. It is very attractive to place a narrow border of stamped concrete along each side of a driveway. The wider expanse can be color matched as well.

This look is great for the backyard patio too. Any shape patio can be bordered with a narrow strip of simulated bricks. The same pattern can border any flower garden, or an entire garden path. Matching and accenting in these ways can make any yard beautiful.

Inside the home, a polished version of this practical and pretty flooring can mimic the reflective beauty of the real marble floor. It is easy to maintain and gives you that mirror finish that the marble is noted for. It is often used for a recreation room, an entry hall or a basement.

In the kitchen a tiled floor and matching countertops around the sink and on the island will be much less expensive than a real tile application. How pleasant it will be to cook while surrounded by lovely decorative concrete. It is not only attractive, but easy to keep clean.

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