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Types Of Hurricane Shutters Fort Myers

Since your home is most likely your biggest investment, if you live in an area where hurricanes are common you should make efforts to protect it. One way to achieve this is by use of hurricane shutters Fort Myers. There are a number of shutter options available and they vary in the level of cost and quality of protection. Listed below are the most popular varieties in the market.

One of the most popular includes the storm panels. When you purchase this type, when you start their installation you also require metal tracts which main purpose is to hold the corrugated aluminum or steel sheets in the right place alongside the window. These types of a panel are created in a corrugated design for the parts to overlap hence ensuring strong ability to resist the hurricane winds.

These panels are very effective and durable and are a favorite to many homeowners. Installing them may require more than one person due to the fact that they are cumbersome to maneuver. When they are not in use, they can be completely removed so that they do not detract the home style. They have to be inspected regularly when stored to ensure that they are all present and in good shape in case of an emergency.

There is also the Bahama window blinds. This type is installed as a permanent fixture in the home and they come in diverse decorative styles to complement the appearance of your house. The Bahama window shutter is not designed to be as strong and rugged as the other older models and their counterparts. This has then caused many homeowners to not prefer to work with it because they feel that it is not effective enough like the other types.

Colonial hurricane shutter is a permanent type and they assist in saving time when a hurricane takes place since they do not have to be installed now and then. They are very attractive on their appearance. They are constructed in a horizontal and slat form of style such that the two parts fold from window ends. During the stormy weather they are snapped, shut and locked.

These types of blinds are not as popular as other mentioned above. However, they are still in use. The good thing with colonial shutter is that you can install on your own with needing an extra hand. The other advantage of this type is that it comes with many decoration styles which are really appealing to the eyes.

The accordion shutter type opens and shuts just like an accordion. They are folded alongside the window on which they are installed. Depending on the size of the window to be installed, the accordion shutter can be comprised of one or more pieces. This shutter type is made from aluminum which is a durable metal. They can either be installed from the inside or outside.

The roll down shutter is the other kind of hurricane shutters Fort Myers. This type is very expensive and at installation they are fixed on the top part of the window. When they are not in use they are rolled upward in to the house. They do not only used in storm protection but also secure the premise from vandalism and robbery.

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