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For Those Living In Tucker Squirrel Removal Can Prove To Be An Essential Service

In certain geographic areas critters taking up residence in people's homes is always a possibility, not to mention a serious nuisance. Apart from the noise, there's the health hazard posed to both humans and pets by urine, droppings and parasites. For residents of areas like Tucker squirrel removal is a critter removal service that can prove essential.

Critters like warm, secure places where they can take up residence and breed undisturbed. Attics, sheds, garages and other out-buildings are favored nesting sites. Once they've moved in, getting them out isn't necessarily straightforward. One has to figure out where they're getting in (not always obvious), and where they've decided to nest.

Finding where they've entered your property isn't always easy. If there doesn't seem to be an obvious entry point, you may have to spy on the critters for a while and watch them enter. You could watch and wait in person, alternatively you could set up a webcam.

Most people are surprised at the size of hole a small animal can pass through. In fact most small furry critters can get through gaps and holes that are much smaller than most people realize. A hole of just two inches will provide a sufficient opening, and if it isn't quite big enough they can chew it until it is.

Once you've found the entry point, you can look at sealing it. Of course, you should ensure the intruders have vacated your property before sealing it. Also make sure they have no youngsters inside. To seal in any animals is obviously inhumane, but they will also become a health hazard when they die and decay.

Foam sealer or caulk is good for sealing small gaps and holes. These materials are inexpensive, water and air tight and can be painted. Aluminum flashing, steel mesh or sheet are good for larger openings. They require more work and skill to fit, but they make for the most secure, long-lasting repair since they cannot be chewed.

One potential problem area are trees and shrubs that are close to a property. If they are around five feet or nearer they can act as a launch point for more determined critters. If you have foliage that is close to your property, consider cutting it back or removing it completely. This may involve removing an attractive feature of your garden, but it will be worth the sacrifice if it stops unwelcome visitors.

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