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Get A Free Copy Of Indiana Divorce Records

Records of birth, death, marriage and divorce are called Vital Records in United States. These records are important as they provide researchers with valuable information such as genealogy of a certain family as well as supporting documents in certain instances. These records are normally available from the Department of Health of each State; however, there are some instances when the records are also available from the county where the person resides. One example would be obtaining divorce records in Indiana.

In Indiana, divorce records are available from the County Clerk's Office where the divorce was issued and granted. These records are available from the counties because this is where the records were kept before state-wide centralization of records was implemented. Some of the records date back to 1795 up to the present. Requests for records are made through fax, standard mail or walk-in. each county has their request form and guide to ensure that records requests are made easier.

Access to divorce records is open only to those individuals eligible under the State Laws. As divorce records are confidential by nature, persons who have close affinity to the parties named in the divorce, their siblings, children and appointed persons are the only ones that can access the records.

The process of obtaining divorce records is simple and easy. In Marion County for example, researchers have to submit a request form, a self-addressed stamped envelope and payment to obtain the records. Each record costs $1/page and an additional $1 for the certification. For those who are not sure how much the request would cost, they can include a minimum of $5 in their request(s). Any balance will be refunded back to the researcher. To obtain the copy in person, the researcher can visit the county record division during working hours. They should present current/valid ID before any request will be processed. The processing time depends upon the volume of the requests and information provided by the researcher.

For those in Allen County, divorce records are available from the Courthouse Records Management Division. Requests made through fax, email, mail and in-person are allowed. Records payments are the same as that in Marion County. For those who would be using the records for employment purposes or court proceedings, the person requesting the reports should indicate that the records need certification.

For those who want to obtain their own divorce copies, the easiest and perhaps the simplest way to do so is to check out online sites that offer free public divorce records. One can easily retrieve the information that they want without having to wait for days for the report. Full reports are usually available for a minimal fee and processing time is shorter than coursing the request through the County office.

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