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Divorce Records New York Free Copy Online

Divorce is the solution chosen by many married couple if they think that they can no longer fix their relationship. New York has implemented the Freedom of Information Act which allows the residents of the state to easily obtain a copy of divorce records in New York.

There are several reasons why the residents of New York request for a copy of a divorce certificate. Such document is used when dealing with some transactions in the government. This transaction includes insurance related matters as well as updates on the government records. One of the important uses of a divorce certificate is for marriage purposes. Divorcees who are planning to remarry would have to secure his/her divorce papers during marriage application; otherwise the divorcee will not be allowed to remarry until the divorce papers are presented.

Unlike a marriage record where all of the details about the event are indicated on the public file, a divorce certificate shows limited information to the public. One can only find the basic details about the separation. This includes the date and place where the separation was granted. Further details about the separation are kept confidential. One cannot find the reason why the couple decided to divorce. The name of the one who petitioned the separation remains private as well as the agreement on the properties and children. This was done to respect the privacy of the couple involved.

The state of New York has kept divorce records since 1963. A fee of $30 has to be paid in order to proceed with the retrieval. The state of New York only allows the divorcees to get a copy of their divorce certificates. Their immediate families are also given access to the file; however, those who are not related to the divorcees would have to secure a permission or authorization in order to gain access to the records of other people. This is the reason why one should know the basic details of the divorce in order to proceed with the request.

The Vital Records Section at the Department of health is where all of the state's public documents are archived and this includes the divorce records. Going to this office to request for the file is the recommended method, however, there are times where the file is not available at the state office. One can then check the county clerk office where the divorce was filed and get the document from there. Mail request is accepted by the state office but this method may take longer than usual especially if there are problems encountered during the search process.

The state of New York now allows the retrieval of marriage and divorce records to be done online. This means that there is no need to go to any office just to file the request since it can be done even without leaving your own homes. This makes the retrieval fast and convenient for many. One can even get it for free through websites that offer a free search.

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