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Vintage Tub And Bath And Free Standing Bath Tubs

A vintage tub and bath can become the centrepiece of any bathroom. The luxurious aura it exudes combined with its practical function makes this tub timeless and beautiful. As an example, the claw foot tub is now a luxury that anyone can afford, thanks to modern manufacturing.

Choosing the perfectly vintage tub and bath may be a daunting task, with the wide selection of styles, sizes, materials and options available. Retailers provide highly trained specialists, able and willing to assist homeowners in their selection of a tub that will fit their bathroom style.

Classic, double ended, slipper, double slipper and the pedestal are but some of the bathtub styles available for a vintage tub and bath. Both classic and slipper tubs are designed with a squared front end for the faucet and drain. The difference lies in the classic tub having a rounded back and the slipper tub having a high back with dramatic sloping sides for a more comfortable lounging position.

Because of their fantastic design statement, free standing bath tubs are becoming more popular nowadays. Being in a retreat or an expensive day spa is how a user feels in this elegant and sophisticated tub. However, they work better in larger bathrooms that offer plenty of space for walking around the tub.

Free standing bath tubs are either shaped in a classic or contemporary way. They are offered in a huge range of sizes, lengths and depths. They are perfect for taking long and shallow baths, which is also suitable for bathing children or taking deep luxurious baths for soaking happily for hours on end.

The different materials used in the manufacture of free standing bath tubs include acrylic, cast iron, wood or stone. To match any bathroom theme, they offer a huge range of tap ware choices, including the floor mounted tap ware, which is the more popular choice and the wall mounted tap ware. They also offer the user the choice of mounting the tap ware on the bath himself.

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