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Landscaping Around Pools

There are four concerns that need to be addressed when landscaping around pools. These are privacy, safety, beauty and convenience. Plants are the major contributors of beauty and privacy around a swimming pool. The rigid lines of swimming pool equipment are given a soft treatment by the plants. They also allow the natural blending of the pool with its surroundings.

Growing plants that are tall enough will form privacy screens around the pool area. This technique for safe landscaping around pools requires the wise choice of plants. Low maintenance plants should be the target. Putting large deciduous trees around a pool will find you fishing out all their leaves out of the pool.

When landscaping around pools, fruit trees that are messy and flowers that are pretty must never be considerations at all. Why? They have a certain flair for magnetizing bees into the area. A good alternative would be broadleaf evergreens that include hollies. Plants with invasive root systems are a no-no as they are sure to damage the pool in a matter of a few years.

Little children have an additional impact to the safety concerns regarding landscaping around pools. In their presence, fencing and outdoor lighting around the pool become requirements and not just options. However, fencing done right provides additional privacy to the area. To further enhance this benefit from fencing, vines may be trained to grow over the fence.

Landscaping around pools with patios or pool decks not only provide aesthetics but also safety to the scenario. Imagine landing on a slip-resistant surface of a scarred concrete patio after climbing out of the pool. What could be safer than that? Opting for a brick patio would need a rough surface for the bricks.

For the ultimate in convenience, nothing can beat a closed gazebo as far as landscaping around pools is concerned. It offers shade to cover from the heat of the sun and provides an area to change in and out of swimsuits and clothes in a jiffy. To convert the pool to a complete home outside the house, outdoor furniture, a furnace and barbeque equipment can be added to the landscape.

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