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Outdoor Entertaining: Create An Extra Room Out Of Your Backyard

In California, we enjoy fantastic weather for most of the year and there are few better ways to enjoy our near-perfect climate than by inviting over family and friends for food, cocktails and fun. Californians love to be outside, so why not transform your backyard into an amazing area for summer entertaining? Unlike many areas of the country, you will be able to enjoy this outdoor living space for most of the spring and fall so it is well worth the investment.

A simple transformation can make any size yard a usable space fairly quickly. Set up some outdoor furniture, put down an outdoor rug and accent with some potted plants and a few small tables. In some cases, your patio can be transformed easily over the course of a weekend, so don't hesitate. Before you know it, you will be enjoying your outdoor space.

Take stock of your backyard. Is it looking its best? If friends dropped by right now, would you want to head outside and enjoy the patio? If not, it's definitely time for a change, and an Orange County interior design expert can help. Often we just don't entertain because we don't have a space that is ready for guests all the time. But a beautifully designed outdoor room is always ready for guests, and when friends drop by, this special space will be festive whether you are throwing a large party or some friends just dropped by unexpectedly. Grab a bottle of wine and some glasses, and it's an instant special occasion.

One big first step is to decide where this outdoor room should be placed and how everything should be arranged. A designer can make this process much easier, and with their artist's eye they can truly get the most out of the space that you have. When the patio is in a good spot and well designed, you are far more likely to use it often.

Make sure that the area you select is level or can be made level, as it can be dangerous to have uneven terrain around an entertaining space, and furnishings obviously are more stable when the ground is smooth and level. For convenience sake, place the outdoor living room near to your kitchen and also close to outdoor outlets or a source of power. This allows you to transport food and beverages, as well as setting up lighting or music or even a movie projector.

Another thing to think about is the type of events you like to host. For example, maybe you need a space that accommodates adults and kids. Incorporating an area for children can be an excellent idea if most of your friends bring their kids along. You can also set up a space to showcase outdoor movies if that's something you and your friends enjoy. If you live to barbecue, your designer can even plan an amazing outdoor kitchen.

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