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Spring Cleaning? Call Your Interior Designer Today

Every spring, it's inevitable that we begin to think about cleaning our homes from top to bottom. Spring cleaning is always an admirable feat, but it might not be a huge chore if you made some permanent changes in your home. Your professional interior decorator can help you find ways to keep your home neat and tidy during all of the seasons of the year.

It's easy for our homes to become cluttered and messy. Most people wish to stay organized and the problem isn't that they lack motivation; they simply do not have a system in place to deal with the clutter. If you set up a few simple rules, however, you can definitely reduce the amount of "stuff" in your home and make it easier to keep it clean and clutter-free.

For example, whenever you get something new, such as an item of clothing, find one or two pieces of clothing and donate them to a charity shop. If you buy a new set of sheets or a new pair of shoes, get rid of an old set or an old pair. The same rule applies to larger items, such as new furnishings. On the day the new items are delivered, call a favorite charity and set up a time for them to come and take some old furniture or perhaps sell it online or via a consignment shop.

Much of the clutter that we store is in the form of paper, and this can be reduced easily. Some documents need to be kept in paper form, but many can be scanned and stored on a computer or an external hard drive. Even children's artwork can be scanned or you can take pictures of it and store this digitally. You can opt for paperless bills and then pay your bills online. Be sure to go through your mail daily and immediately toss junk mail into the recycle bin. You can even enjoy magazines and newspapers digitally rather than opting for paper copies, which just pile up in our homes.

Even with all of these steps, we still have many items that we need to keep, but often there is no place to put them, or perhaps our closets and storage areas are inefficiently designed. If your garage and your closets look like the aftermath of a natural disaster, contact a trusted designer to come and help you make sense of your storage spaces. Interior designers don't have to just focus on the spaces where you live, they also can design functional storage solutions for every room of your house. They can redesign your closets, your garage, your cupboards and even come up with some beautiful shelving and storage solutions that complement your home's dcor.

Once your home has great storage options, it's a snap to keep everything tidy. Deep cleaning is easier, simply because you don't have mounds of clutter to tackle first. You also will find it easier to manage clutter if you combine this new design with the aforementioned rules. So this year, rather than spring cleaning, consider a spring redesign that will keep your home looking its best throughout the year.

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