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Benefits Of Using Granite For Making A Headstone

Many people might have taken a walk in the cemetery and have seen most of the headstones made of a variety of materials. One can notice gravestones of sandstone, slate or even bronze. Granite however, is the most common material used to make a headstone. This can be attributed to its many benefits that make people prefer it as their material of choice.

Granite is preferred because of its durability. Materials like sandstone are damaged over time as slates tend to be very brittle and hence are at an increased risk of breaking. Other materials like marble stain over time. Granite is however, one of the most long-lasting natural resource on the planet as it has great resistance to weathering. This means details etched on a gravestone can be preserved for a long time.

The tombstone making process involves a lot of pressure and heat as they are etched, sandblasted and carved. Materials like sandstone are not hard enough to be able to withstand the pressure and heat and can be destroyed in the process. Granite in contrast, is a very hard naturally occurring material and it can withstand these conditions and give out excellent results.

Different compositions of certain minerals can cause granite to attain shades of certain colors. The most common include shades of blue, green, grey and gold. Thus, this makes granite a very beautiful material to work with and makes tombstones look all the more colorful. This contrasts sharply with some other materials that are dull in complexion and lacking in beauty.

Granite is very affordable compared to other materials since it is very abundant in the crust of the earth. Using bronze or marble can cost you a lot of money since these materials are very expensive. Granite thus offers a far cost effective way without compromising its quality as it is the case with some other affordable materials which have poor quality.

Granite tombstones come in a wide variety making it beneficial. Since they are very easy to work with, they can come in a different sizes and shapes. In addition, this property also makes it easy to incorporate designs and details of the deceased onto the gravestone. If one uses marble for example, it would be hard to etch designs and this may result to one paying more. Other materials are simply too brittle to work with.

Another advantage of granite is that it requires very little maintenance. Due to it being highly resistant and durable in nature, it is able to resist adverse effects of environmental conditions. Thus one does not have to frequently look over the gravestone or hire someone to do so. In addition, granite offers some kind of simple yet elegant or sophisticated appeal.

Since granite is there in plenty, its value in the market is relatively low. This makes it virtually worthless and it reduces the risk of theft. This is in contrast to materials like bronze, which are very prone to burglary.

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