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Ideas For Attic Bathroom

Attic bathroom ideas erase any doubt to the transformation of an attic into a wonderful cozy bathroom. They are the right ideas for the proper use of an attic. Setting a shower with cabin is the alternate to a bath tube, should there be no space for it. Using some interesting tiles will have the dream bathroom set to go.

For a rustic country-style bathroom design, attic bathroom ideas make a feature out of exposed beams by keeping the walls and units white. An eye-catching bath will add the necessary splash of color that the scheme may lack. It will break the monotony of keeping a monochromatic color throughout the entire space.

Attic bathroom ideas for a spacious attic jacuzzi bathroom include the installation of a statement bath and a walk-in shower. The transformation of the attic into a show-stopping space is the obligation of a freestanding metal bath positioned in the middle of the room.

An attic is always the perfect space for an extra bath. Attic bathroom ideas comprising of multiple skylights and white walls are sure to brighten an elegant attic bath and give it the illusion of being bigger than it really is. They also provide an elegance to the bath that appears to come naturally.

Attic bathroom ideas for a vintage eclectic inspired bath include wood flooring for the addition of warmth and comfort to bare feet. For charm, the bath itself may include an old fireplace and other vintage elements, such as claw foot tabs, shower pipes, old mirrors, scones, wall pictures and mismatched vintage furniture.

Other vintage inspired attic baths included in attic bathroom ideas use brown subway tiles. Comfy is the word to describe the inclusion of a claw foot tub that is set under a skylight and a vintage inspired radiator that is there to warm the towels. The skylight adds natural illumination reflected in the bathroom tiles.

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