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Woodside 10X8 Duramax Vinyl Shed

Duramax Building Products is a company dedicated to making building supplies such as sheds, fences, patio covers and much more, often utilizing high quality vinyl materials. Duramax Sheds are designed to withstand high intensity weather conditions, such as extreme heat and sun or punishing cold and snow. While Duramax puts an emphasis on designing quality building products geared towards handling the environmental conditions in the South western United States, duramax sheds are highly effective and durable solutions in virtually any climate or conditions.

Geared to provide long years of maintenance free service, the Duramax Woodside is made from the highest quality vinyl materials, impervious to rust, rot, termites, mould and even fire retardant and weather proof. Unlike wood or metal, vinyl is resistant to just about every form of corrosion or decay. It never needs to be repainted or refinished, ensuring that you don't need to worry about your shed falling into disrepair, even after long years of withstanding harsh conditions. To guarantee peace of mind, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed even comes with a full 15 year warranty.

The Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed from duramax sheds is a product which provides a high degree of both form and function. Designed to provide a quality storage solution while also being an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed is made in an eye catching two tone color scheme, featuring ivory white walls with elegantly contrasting brown resin gabled roof and matching trim and doors. The elegant design of the walls and roofs provides a pleasing geometry which is not only nice to look at, but also prevents the build-up of water and soot by providing easy run off thanks to gravity and the sloped design.

With locking double doors, the Duramax Woodside provides all the necessary accessibility combined with all the security and ease of accessibility desired by a quality storage solution. The durable lock is uncompromising in keeping out thieves and vandals while providing access to the proper owners with ease. The shed has one window by default, however optionally additional windows can be installed if desired.

Measuring 10' by 8' in total, this shed is a spacious and well suited storage area. Providing 79.25 square feet of floor space and a whopping 542' cubic space, the Woodside has enough room to fit just about anything - in quantity! The walls are reinforced with metal columns which can be used to easily mount shelving, letting you customize the available surfaces and take advantage of all the space, both horizontal and vertical, provided by the shed. With an interior space of 92" by 123", there is quite a lot of it to be utilized. The double door design provides easy access even for oddly shaped or tall objects, with 61" wide and 71" tall clearance through the door.

Easily assembled in a few hours with familiar tools, a Duramax shed can be put together in a flash even by someone with limited to no building experience. The included manual provides exacting, detailed instructions on every step of the project, with helpful pictures and diagrams to ensure everything is put together properly and stably. The tools required for assembly can be found in virtually every home, with nothing much more complex than a cordless electric drill being required. While many resin storage sheds do not include a foundation kit, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed does not dodge this important detail.

An important advantage of the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed over other resin storage sheds is the included foundation kit. While many sheds are essentially "free standing" - not having a solid foundation kit but rather supported by the structure itself. To ensure optimal stability, the shed must be situated on a quality foundation. The provided foundation kit makes this a breeze, allowing you to assemble the shed from the ground up after ensuring a solid foundation. The foundation must be level and stable: either a wooden platform, or a concrete platform. Concrete provides optimal structural stability, but can be more expensive than simple wood solutions.

An investment sure to provide for decades to come, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed is a spacious, durable, excellent storage solution. For storing any kind of goods, materials or objects of any value or description, the Woodside from Duramax sheds is sure to compromise nothing in security or durability even over long years of use and abuse from extreme climates and weather conditions. The attractive exterior also makes it a great option which won't make the eyes weary even after long familiarity. For anyone looking for more secure storage space, the Woodside is sure to provide.

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