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Giving Styles To Windowless Walls

When you buy a brand new home, it becomes a blank slate for you to leave your own decorative mark on. There are numerous touches you can put on a house to make it distinct and personal. Even a simple, windowless wall can be a canvas on which to create beauty

You might be surprised by just how much your choice of wall decorations can transform a room. The entire tone and texture can be controlled with wall decorations.

Of all of the factors the affect the look and personality of a room, paint is probably the most dramatic. It tends to be the baseline that gives a person their first impression when they walk into the room. In a home's interior room, where there are no windows present, most people veer towards soft, comfortable colors. If you want to add additional flourishes, you might use stencils, or nice-looking wallpaper.

The color is the first thing people notice about a wall, but after that, they will begin to notice the texture as well. You can give a wall an extra flair by giving it texture with a particular finish. There are a wide range of finishes to suit a large number of personalities and tastes. It is up to you whether you will have smooth or textured, glossy or matte, simple or patterned. You might even have your favorite piece of art applied to the wall itself as a mural.

There are also a number of different wall coverings that can used in place of fancy paint and finishes. Wall flats or grass cloth offer repeating, textured patterns along the entire wall, while wainscoting can compliment a painted wall. Other items, such as cords or tapestries, can give a wall color and variety.

A proven and easy way to give a large, windowless wall color and personality is to hang art. Photographs or paintings can go a long way to give a room style, especially when they are well placed. If you want to display other items that cannot be hung on a wall, you might use bookshelves or wall shelving, or perhaps place them inside showcases or shadowboxes.

Consistency is key in any decorating scheme. Too many styles in one house will clash. For this reason, try to pick wall decorations and furniture that keep a similar style. For example, you might be able to find picture frames that match the edges on the bookcases or cabinets. Color choices should be carefully balanced. Some variety and contrast can be good, but some colors are simply incompatible.

In most ventures, planning ahead will be a great benefit, and interior design is no different. When you decide a steady look and feel, it can do much to bring the rooms together and create a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

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