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Wall Art And Wallpaper For Bathroom

Of all the walls in a home it seems that the bathroom wall is the last place homeowners consider when they are thinking of places to hang their wall art. It never enters their mind that there are actually a huge variety of bathroom wall art to spice up the bathroom. Placing artwork in the bathroom is one of the most neglected activities when it comes to home decoration.

The most important element in bathroom wall art is its durability under moist environments. The bathroom can be very humid at times so anything placed in there should be able to withstand such humidity. Hardier artwork including metal or acrylic on wood are among the items that can take the heat very well and still keep their beauty intact.

A good practice to get into in the selection of bathroom wall art is spending less on it. Inexpensive art is easier to replace should anything happen to it. There is no pain on the part of the homeowner when he needs to get rid of it for one reason or another. Sentimental or irreplaceable pieces of art are best left on the other room walls of the home.

Thinking of your bathroom as a jewel box is the secret in the selection of the perfect bathroom wallpaper. When you open your jewel box, you find yourself enticed by the beauty you see in it. That is just how one should feel when he opens the door to his bathroom. A windowless and dark bathroom can easily be transformed to a plush environment with the installation of the appropriate wallpaper.

The challenge in bathroom wallpaper selection is not knowing how it will actually look once it covers the bathroom wall. What you can do is snap a photo of the bathroom with all its paraphernalia, ask a photo retoucher to photoshop different wallpaper patterns onto the wall to see which one works the best.

Some people fall in love with a pattern of a bathroom wallpaper and immediately buys it, only to find they made the wrong choice. To avoid this happening to you, get as big a chunk as possible of the pattern, hang it on your bathroom wall on a temporary basis, and live with it for at least a week or two. After that period, access if you really enjoyed seeing the pattern day after day and would continue enjoying seeing it for the next year and beyond.

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