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Prevent Lawn Damage With Atlanta Mole Control And Removal

Most property owners are aware of the damage that moles can do to plants and irrigation systems. These small mammals spend the majority of their lives burrowing through the dirt and while they pose no threat to humans, they are nuisances that can wreak havoc on landscaping. Homeowners who discover them living on their property should call a local Atlanta mole control and removal specialist for help.

Moles have short fur that is velvety and usually gray or black in color. They have a short hairless tail and small hind legs. Their front feet are rounded and have sharp claws, which are useful for digging through soil. Their ears and eyes are extremely small and in some cases, almost invisible.

These creatures live and feed underground, so they rarely come out of their subterranean tunnels. In fact, most people only know a mole is living on their property because of the soil mounds and surface tunnels it creates throughout the lawn. It takes the average mole approximately a minute to dig a tunnel more than a foot long.

Moles sometimes feed on nuts but they prefer to eat worms, beetle grubs, and ants. They are most active in damp soil because their prey is easy to find close to the surface. They feed and sleep 24 hours per day in two-hour cycles, which is why they are capable of doing so much damage in so little time.

Property owners who discover multiple tunnels and molehills covering a lawn often mistakenly think more than one mole must be responsible for the damage. The truth is, they prefer to live alone and a single animal is capable of building multiple tunnels with numerous branches and burrows. Some of the tunnels are invisible because they are several inches below ground level. The ones near the surface push the dirt and grass upward creating long ridges.

Most professional exterminators use lethal traps to capture moles. Trapping is more effective for controlling these pests than using poisons because they only eat live prey and they hunt by sound. An experienced exterminator knows how to identify active feeding tunnels and where to set the traps so they are the most effective.

Homeowners have to worry about more than their plants and lawn when they discover moles living on their property. These pests can destroy sprinkler heads and cause damage to water lines. This often leads to flooding, which requires costly repairs. Hiring a professional exterminator is the most effective way to control these destructive pests.

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