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Different Types Of Carpet

If you thought carpet is just carpet and they are all basically the same, you might be surprised to find out that this is far from the truth. There are several different materials used to make carpet and several different types of carpet production. Read on and you will discover some interesting facts about the world of carpet.

Woven carpeting is a common type of carpeting and it can be either Berber or plush. Plush carpeting is also known as cut pile carpeting. Berber is not cut and is instead a looped carpet, and there are also carpets that are a combination of cut and looped. Tufted carpet is the most common method used to produce carpet, and this process involves having the carpet pile injected into the backing material. This backing material is then attached to a second backing material.

While the woven and tufted carpet production types make up the bulk of the market, there are certainly other methods. Many restaurants, hotels or large commercial businesses will use needlefelt carpet because of the very high level of durability. Knotted carpets also are fairly common, and Oriental rugs are a type of handmade knotted carpeting. If you enjoy crafting, you also can create your own special type of rug, which is known as a hooked rug. Most craft stores have rug hooking kits and supplies, and these rugs can be a fun accent to a room.

Needlefelt carpeting is a type ideally suited to commercial businesses with high foot traffic, such as a hotel or perhaps at a restaurant. Knotted carpet is yet another type of carpet making process, and Oriental rugs often are made using this process. A hooked rug is another method, although this is primarily used when one is handcrafting rugs. These are more likely to be made by someone who enjoys handicrafts and make up only a very small portion of the rug market.

You might be wondering about the materials used to make the padding underneath your carpeting. Urethane foam is a material that is sometimes used as well as bonded urethane. The latter of these materials is denser, and the bonded urethane is probably something you have seen before. It looks like a bunch of chunks of different pads all put together. Waffle rubber pads and flat rubber pads are two other types of padding that are commonly used.

Whether your carpet is wool or polyester, knotted or woven, it all needs to be vacuumed at least once each week, and you will need to schedule a professional cleaning every year. The Environmental Protection Agency actually recommends having a carpet cleaning service come in every six months to ensure that toxins such as fungi, mold, viruses and dust mites are completely removed. Your carpet cleaner in Denham Springs, Prairieville or Baton Rouge can provide this service as well as upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and stain removal services.

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