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Helpful Information When Looking For Tek Screws

Various materials can be used to fasten materials when making furniture or doing other construction work. One such option is tek screws, which can be used to join metal or wood in furniture and other areas. They are designed for easy drilling and are meant for different purposes. This is because each option has its strength or weakness. When purchasing them, it will be important to understand a few things so that you can get the best.

It is necessary to know how the tools look like so that one can buy the right ones. They are made with a self-threading design, which will eliminate the need to punch holes first in wood. Therefore, you will spend less time on the job and fewer tools will be needed. This therefore means that the extra cost of buying the fasteners will be recovered.

The fasteners come in different sizes ranging from 1 to 5. For you to pick the right size, you need to check the bit number. The bit numbers are the same as the ones used in bolts for other commercial uses. The screw also has a smaller diameter around the tip compared to its head, which results in a tapering end.

While selecting a screw, you have to think of the material size where it will be used. For something that is thick and tough, choose something with a bigger tip. Such a fastener is usually stronger compared to one with a smaller tip. The ones with small tips are best for light woods.

There are various materials used to make the fasteners. You must choose the right material based on the environment they are being used in. The materials they are being used to fix will also determine the screw material that you will choose. For instance, there are those made purely with stainless steel, which makes them very strong thus perfect for hard surfaces. However, they corrode easily so they are not good for coastal areas.

If you still intend to get something strong, you can still pick steel. However, to withstand corrosion, you should pick those, which are zinc coated. Other hybrid materials are also god enough since they combine the positive qualities of different materials. You can therefore expect various benefits including low cost and durability.

You can get the screws from most hardware stores. You should look for those with the widest variety so that you can get the most appropriate ones for your job. You can also compare prices at different stores in order to establish who offers the best rates. This will ensure that you do not spend too much money on the project.

When looking for the screws, one will get a better outcome if the points highlighted above are considered. It will be possible for you to pick the right material and fastener size for the task. One will also be able to pay a fair price for the fasteners after doing price comparison at different stores. With the right material, it will be possible to accomplish any task while enjoying maximum durability and aesthetics.

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