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Fashion Dolls: Who's Fashion Is This?

If you've read any of my previous articles you know that I'm just a guy who has a website that features dolls. No, I'm not into dolls. I just like internet marketing and I discovered this to be a good, but untapped niche in online marketing. And, because I don't want to pretend to be something that I'm not, I write articles about dolls from my point of view; a man who has learned quite a lot about dolls, giving advice to others who know less than I do.

This is how my opinion came about. Because of my site, I regularly have to write articles about specific dolls. The way I do it is to research the doll, write an article about them, and them turn that page into a section of my doll store. Well, today I researched Monster High Dolls. I was shocked when I saw them. First, they reminded my of Bratz Dolls which look like little street walkers, to me. Secondly, they also reminded me of how young girls use Halloween as an excuse to dress slutty. Have you noticed that they many don't really dress scary or funny looking. They dress like sexy kittens or hot vampires.

Before I get into my two points, I want to address the concept of fashion dolls. I don't have an issue with fashion dolls per Se. By definition, they are dolls that are intended to be dressed to reflect fashion trends. That in itself is not a bad thing. And, if you look at fashion dolls over the years, you'll see that these dolls have been as interesting and tasteful as any other dolls. But, if these fashion dolls are any indication of today's fashion, then heaven help us.

These dolls are unbelievable! You know the type; they look like young girls that have been pushed into prostitution. They put on lots of makeup, wear skimpy clothes and high heels. Trust me, if you saw your daughter dressed like this you would flip. Bratz dolls are the standard for this and they are disgusting.

My first thought is to be upset with the manufacturers, but then again, if parents weren't buying these items, then no one would make them. So parents, what's the deal? Do you really ant your little girls wanting to modelling this behavior? Please stop buying these kinds of products so they go away.

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