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Modern Living Room And Furniture

Modern living room design infuses a contemporary style into a home space while retaining its warmth and comfort. A modern aesthetic is relatively simple to achieve with some basic design know-how, regardless if it is done to attract buyers, entertain friends or just enjoy some peace and quiet.

Because white, cream and beige walls are staples of modern living room design, the walls of a modern living room should use soft, light and neutral colors. The minimization of dynamic pops of color for visual interest is one aspect of modern design. For easier standing out of focal artwork or modern living room furniture, the walls are made to serve as a neutral palette.

Neutral and nondescript are how modern living room floors are kept. A homeowner may even go as far as utilizing bare concrete floors for this purpose. Taking out the focus on the surface, a neutral-colored floor allows important modern living room furniture, artwork or accessories to be the ones capturing the eye.

Not to be used in a modern living room are overly shaggy carpets and intensely bright colored rugs. Modern living room furniture may be rigidly shaped while remaining comfortable. This furniture may include coffee tables and sofas with straight lines and strong geometric shapes.

Major modern living room furniture pieces must be symmetrical. Many modern sofas on the market are surprisingly comfortable despite their minimalistic shapes and rigid looks. To add pops of color and occasional asymmetry, throw pillows may be added to the modern living room design.

To provide a stark contrast to the white walls, modern living room furniture should consist of darker colors for designs with the furniture pieces as a focal point. The modern living furniture should consist of lighter colors for designs with the artwork as the focal point.

The personality of the homeowner comes out in the artwork that he displays in his modern living room. From muticolored abstract to monochromatic minimalist artwork, modern artwork varies widely in its offering of a number of interesting styles.

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