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Bathroom Doors And Vanity Tops

Special challenges involved in the selection of bathroom doors include the choice of the right size, their installation and their make. Since most bathrooms are relatively small, difficulty may be encountered in finding the right door size for a particular bathroom. The moisture and humidify changes in a bathroom can prove to be too much for some types of doors.

The three major criteria in the selection of bathroom doors are function, aesthetics and cost. For interior use, wooden doors are popular choices. For the bathroom, however, they may not be the ideal choice as they have a tendency to warp or swell after their exposure to the moisture and humidity changes in a bathroom.

Metal or fibreglass doors are better choices for bathroom doors since they comfortably address the bathroom moisture and humidity issues. They are best for inadequately ventilated bathrooms as well. The swing of the door also needs to be evaluated because of the tight configuration of most bathrooms.

You would think that functionality takes primacy in the selection of bathroom vanity tops. Well, it doesn't. Appearance does. In such a situation, a cultured marble vanity top becomes a lovely choice. Bathroom vanity tops are normally custom made. This leaves the choice of style and design open to personal taste.

Bathroom vanity tops can make a statement while remaining practical by providing the needed additional workspace. The tone of the bathroom can be set through the choice of the material of the vanity top. For low maintenance, stainless-steel vanity tops are the obvious choice. They look fabulous in a contemporary design and gets more beautiful over time depending on its quality.

Striking and modern are bathroom vanity tops made of glass. However, solid slabs are on the pricey side of the equation which leads us to the alternative of using glass tiles instead. A disadvantage to glass is the challenge of keeping it free from fingerprints.

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