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Introducing Your Child To Toilet Assistance

You have been thinking of stopping the use of diapers for your kid. You want him to learn how to actually take care of his bathroom business moving forward. You know that you are going to have to train him. Going about things the right way is very important.

The earlier that you can start your kid to learn about how this is done, the better. But not too early though. Understand that introducing him to toilet assistance is going to be easier once he has reached that age where is more than willing to actually learn about how it is done. However, introducing it at a very premature age will only likely cause things to backfire. You want to avoid that.

Make sure to assess if your kid is indeed ready for this. You have to consider his current age. Since you would not want to introduce this idea at a too early stage. You want to asses first if he is indeed at that point where he would love to learn about how his bathroom business should be taking care of and if possible, all by himself moving forward. A good age to start would be when he is two years and older.

You have to know when the kid is ready to be introduced to this. You might think of this as a very challenging phase. But you will find that as long as your kid is already in that age where he is ready to learn this, it should not be that hard of a transition for you to do. Just know when is the right time to get him potty trained. So, introducing him to the idea will be easier to do.

He needs to be able to walk around or run steadily at least. You want to find out if he is able to hold a specific position for a specific amount few time too. This is especially true when it comes to the sitting position. Going to the bathroom might require him to sit for two to five minutes. So, make sure to check that he is able to hold this position for this long.

It is important that that your kid will already be able to learn how to pull his pants up and down. This is important so he can easily go about the whole bathroom business even when you will no longer have to supervise him every time. In addition, he should be disliking the feeling of having to wear around wet nappies or dirty diaper. This way, hew will be more motivated to really learn.

He should already start showing intent on how to be able to use the bathroom even by himself. He is also very much interested on how to become more independent. Many of the things that he relies on you before, he very much wants to actually start learning for himself. This can be a really good opportunity for you to introduce him to appropriate potty training.

He takes pride in the things that he is able to accomplish on his own too. He is more than willing to learn and is no longer resistant. Thus, in this stage, you can easily introduce new ideas to him which you know he will be able to accept positively.

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