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Guidelines For Selecting A Contractor For Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Denver Customers Will Find Useful

Wood floors add beauty and elegance to a home, but eventually they need to be refinished so they will keep looking their best. It's important to choose just the right person for this task, to ensure that professional quality work is done and the floors are not ruined. When searching for a contractor who does hardwood flooring refinishing Denver clients should keep these guidelines in mind.

If possible, the best way to find a great floor refinisher is to get a personal recommendation from someone whom one knows who has used a contractor they were pleased with. This vote of confidence can reassure the customer that this company is one that will provide outstanding workmanship and customer service. In some cases, the customer may not know anyone who can recommend such as service, instead they can search for online reviews of local companies.

Once a short list of five or six companies or individuals has been devised, the customer should contact each one and ask about some important details. They need to find out if the contractor will be available when they require his services, if the work will actually be completed by the contractor or by workers, how many years of experience do they have, are they bonded and insured, and if they can provide references and a written cost estimate.

Customers can also do a little more digging and look up any company's standing with the Better Business Bureau whether it's licensed or not. If the business does happen to hold a license, one can verify this fact by consulting the Department of Consumer Affairs or the local licensing board, where they can also see if any complaints have ever been filed against the company.

The homeowner should select the two or three contracting companies they feel most confident in, and then schedule meetings in person with them at the house. At this time the contractor can evaluate the extent of the job, and should also present the customer with a written cost estimate and anticipated completion time.

A company that is proud of its work should willingly provide the customer with the address of one or two current job sites he or she can check out, as well as former customers who may be contacted for feedback. Any that don't agree to this, should be crossed off the list. The customer needs to be able to evaluate the quality of the labor, professionalism, and finished product before making a decision.

The homeowner should make sure he or she has a clear understanding of the cost break-down and total fees, and whether the service include moving of the furniture or not. The contractor should not ask for either a full payment or large down payment of more than 40 percent upfront. The work should also come with a warranty.

Being able to trust whomever one hires is paramount. It's best to avoid those who cannot provide verifiable references or require payment in cash only, since these can be red flags indicating a company that isn't legitimate. Regardless of who is hired, most customers prefer to remain at home while the flooring work is being done, so they can personally ensure that it meets their expectations.

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