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Living Room Flooring

If you want the living room flooring to be the star of the show and not just stay as an understated background, you may choose real wood for your flooring. Real wood has become increasingly durable and affordable, thanks to the new manufacturing methods in existence nowadays.

Layer rugs may be used as living room flooring accessories to add richness to the surroundings. However, a high contrast between the room-sized rug and the area rug must be avoided to effectively use this layering technique. As an example, a swirl-print area rug may be laid over the top of a neutrally woven room-sized rug.

Want to give your living that old world look and that rustic charm? Then, simply have bricks make up your living room flooring. Bricks are available in many sizes and thicknesses that can be laid in patterns of basket-weave, herringbone or running-bond. Just don't forget to seal them and you are in for an simple and easy maintenance routine.

Other than beauty, it is character that custom wide-plank hardwood living room flooring brings to a living space. However, these custom-crafted floors are on the expensive side. It is not advisable for people who do not expect to stay in a home for a long time.

Setting the tone for the decor of a living area is not that difficult at all. You can start by colourfully painting your living room flooring. The protection of the finish may be achieved with the application of several coats of polyurethane.

Polished concrete living room flooring brings an understated sleekness to a living space. For budget-conscious homeowners, you can get the look of stone with concrete. Concrete floors can be stained and scored to mimic stone or tile at a much lower cost that either of these materials. However, concrete is porous and must be sealed to protect it from moisture and spills.

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