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Florida Free Death Records

When a person close to us dies, we feel very emotional, however, one still has to be strong to be able to have the death documented and register it with the government. This way the document can be used for any legal matters. Death records Florida manages are open to everyone.

Documenting the death of a loved one is necessary in order to process legal matters. The documentation is used to update the status and the family registry found in most government offices. Additionally, the death certificate is also one of the documents used when the family would claim the insurance of the deceased. Without the death certificate, claiming the insurance benefits may not be possible. The same goes for the spouse of the deceased. One cannot remarry if the death certificate is not presented during marriage application.

There are several things that can be obtained from a copy of a death certificate in Florida. One would know the real identity of the person who died. The name, birth details are indicated on the public death certificate. One would also find information about when and where the person breathed his last. Information about the cause of the person's death is vital information that can be found on the document. One would also find the names of the immediate family of the deceased person.

In the state of Florida, only deaths which have been registered since 1917 are available. One has to pay $5 for each request. Although, the document is considered as a public file, only the immediate family of the deceased is allowed to request and obtain a copy of the document. One has to submit a duly accomplished application form with the information of the deceased in order to proceed with the retrieval process. The person who filed the request is also needed to provide their contact details and their relationship to the person on the file. One should also indicate their reason for requesting such document.

The office of the Vital Records Section in the state of Florida can provide you a copy of the death certificate. The said office also accepts mailed-in request. It is important that the required documents and information be included in the mail request. However, mail requested can take a while especially if there is a problem with the information and document provided in the request.

Most of the residents of Florida prefer to request for a copy of the death certificate online. This is faster and convenient for many. There are even websites that offer to do a death records free public search.

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