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Tips On Installing Concrete Piers

Constructing a backyard deck is a great step for homeowners who want to increase their living space and enhance the beauty of their homes. One of the main steps in constructing a backyard deck is through installing piers. A pier can be created from different materials though the most commonly used material is concrete due to its durability, strength and water resistance capability. When you decide to install concrete piers, you should know various steps to make your project easier and more accurate.

When installing a pier, you would need to dig a trench that meets the building specifications of such structures. The best size estimate should be at least deeper than the frost line by twelve inches and wider than the footings. Once you are through with digging the trench, you would need to set the firm plastic footings and the waxed fiber tubes of the pier together. The footing is used to avoid the sinking of such piers.

Another step should be setting the footings and tubes to the trench. In order to prevent potential problems, it is advisable to set the footings and tubes properly. It is also recommended that you check the footings to know if they adhere to your area construction codes.

In order to strengthen the structure in position, the trench should be filled by use of stone debris. You also have to inspect the footing to know if they are in line with the structure. The main reason for checking the pier for alignment is to avoid the potential problems, which can be caused by the pier and the footings not lying on the same level.

It is also important to set another footing onto the polished tubes. By installing this footing, you would be sure that the material can smoothly move through the tubes when poured. When creating these footings, manufacturers consider using concrete, as it is quite strong and durable.

the other step should be pouring the material into the tubes. To guarantee efficiency and remove the air that may have been trapped in the tubes, it is advisable to mix it well with a shovel after each eight to ten inches. After the tubes are filled, the constructor should then remove the footing and smoothen the material with a trowel.

This should be followed by the installation of the metal brackets that are essential for connecting the deck to the pier. After the construction work, it is essential to allow some time for the material to dry and set. Once the material is set, you can then cut the tube around the pier using a utility knife.

Constructors should know and follow various steps when constructing a pier. In most cases, each step would require different skills with respect to the materials that are used. Before you begin any construction project, it is advisable to determine the appropriate tools and techniques that can offer quality results when used to handle such projects. When you use the right tools and techniques to construct your pier, you can be sure of getting quality results, as there would be minimal or no problems.

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