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When To Hire The Services Of House Lifters NJ

Many residents of New Jersey whose homes suffered damage after hurricane Sandy are thinking about repairing or raising their houses. To keep their homes from suffering future damage as a result of floods, homeowners can raise them to an appropriate height. They can also lift their homes so that damaged foundations can be repaired.

Since lifting a building is not an easy task, hiring the services of home lifters is wise. The task of lifting a building involves separating the building from its foundation using hydraulic jacks. By choosing to use the services offered by house lifters NJ homeowners can be able to accomplish various things. You can contact home lifters if you want to construct a basement.

You can hire the services of a home lifter if you need to build a basement in an existing crawlspace. By building a basement, you can significantly increase the value of your property and get additional storage or living space. You may also use the services of a building lifter if your basement is habitually wet. This professional can help you raise your house so that you can construct a new basement that is above the water level.

If you raise your basement to a level that is higher than the water table, you can reduce your flood insurance premiums. You can also ensure that your home complies with building codes. Home raising also cancels out the vertical movement of a foundation. You can also have your house lifted in order to move and rotate it for aesthetic reasons. For example, you may rotate your property to avoid the noise coming from a nearby commercial structure or road.

Before your property can be raised, you have to disconnect water, gas and power lines and demolish concrete walls. Soil around the foundation should also be extracted. When lifting a building, professional lifters use a hydraulic jack and steel I beams to raise the building from its foundation. After raising the building, they utilize support cribs to hold it in place.

In order to have their homes lifted, homeowners should hire an engineer or architect to evaluate a few things. The engineer or architect will first evaluate the structural integrity of the foundation of a home. If a house is built on poor quality soil or its foundation walls are cracked and damaged, the foundation needs to be repaired extensively or rebuilt. The existing structure of a home with a damaged foundation may also need to be strengthened by fortifying the foundation and driving pilings into the ground before the building can be raised.

An engineer may also examine how your home was built. If it was built on a single level and the crawlspace underneath it is adequate, it can be easily lifted and it will not cost you a lot of money. However, if your house was built on slab, lifting it will be difficult and will therefore cost you more money. The condition and size of your home are the two main factors that will determine the cost of having it lifted.

It is crucial to hire a house lifter whose insurance coverage includes general liability, cargo and workers compensation. Make sure that the home lifter is experienced and has raised many homes that are similar to your home. This professional should also have a license.

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