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Guarding Yourself Against Assailants With Pepper Spray Could Be The Best Option

Typically, 24 people each and every minute are targets of sexual assault, personal violence, or harassment by an intimate spouse in the United States, according to a survey performed in 2010. Throughout the course of 1 year, that equates to over 12 million women and men. Those figures merely tell a part of the story, over One million women are raped every year and more than 6 million men and women are targets of harassment each year.

Pepper spray is something that many individuals choose to use as an approach to protect themselves against people that may attack them for what ever reason. For individuals who are wondering how pepper spray works you're going to see that it actually affects the veins in an individual's eyes making it very challenging for them to see anything clearly. It's also something that can make it incredibly hard for individuals to breathe properly mainly because it is going to in addition swell up people's mucous membranes. After you spray somebody with pepper spray you're going to be able to get away from them rather easily to be able to contact the local authorities.

When pepper spray first became available to be used by people in the United States it had been commissioned by the postal service as a way for postman to protect themselves against dogs. Law enforcement officers back in the late 80's, were the first people to use this technology as an approach to incapacitate people, and it had been a great option as opposed to having to use lethal force to get people under control. Even though this was something that they started using years back you are going to discover that many police departments still supply this to the officers simply because it is so effective. At this current time you're going to find that pepper spray is now available just about anywhere you go as a self defense weapon for regular folks.

When it comes to buying pepper spray you are going to see that there are plenty of different manufacturers and also a lot of different sized canisters available. The most popular size for pepper spray is the smallest, mainly because it is something that can be easily concealed within a pocket or a purse, but the bigger canisters have their uses as well. Regrettably, there are areas throughout the United States where individuals are mugged on a regular basis and for the people who live in these areas, the bigger canisters would probably be their best bet.

When it comes to actually using the pepper spray itself you're going to find that you can be anywhere from 10 to 20 feet away from your attacker and still be able to use this effectively. This is additionally going to aid in your escape because you will already be aways, away from these people before you even start running in the other direction. To be able to use this effectively you should try and ensure you spray this directly in the individuals face and begin running away once you do, as you never know how long they're going to be incapacitated for.

People who are attacking you are not going to give you the time to read the directions on the pepper spray, so it's going to be important for you to make sure you understand how to use this before you are ever attacked. It is additionally important it you check your local laws to make certain that this is something that you can carry legally in your area.

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