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Ceiling Storage Ideas For Your Garage

For your next garage decluttering project, consider this summary of different ceiling storage options. Review the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Remember to take weight limits into consideration on whichever choice you make for your garage.

Use wood to build your own hanging storage rack. If you have a small amount of handyman ability and the proper tools, this choice may be right for you. You need the skills to cut, measure, and anchor the shelf properly. You can find free designs for such a shelf on many DIY websites. You decking will likely be a piece of plywood, which has the drawback of not being able to see through it. With wire decking, it's easier to see what you've stored on your shelf, especially if you've stacked items double deep.

A second choice is to get a steel hanging storage shelf. If you possess the professional equipment and a supply of angle iron, you could construct one for yourself. Although I predict you will not save yourself much cash. Should you make your own unit, don't forget to factor in the price of decking. If you decide to simply shop for a ceiling rack, you've got several brands to select from including Topp Rax, Onrax, SafeRacks, Strong Racks, and Hyloft. This is not a complete list of companies. I highly recommend you look for my other posts because I expect to do a benefits and drawbacks regarding these brands.

You could hang totes from the ceiling by wooden t-shaped tracks, as I've seen an image of this on Pinterest and other sites. This is a visually impressive solution, although it requires special totes. They need to have a strong lip over " wide. Be mindful of the height of the lip, as well. For a set of special totes you might as well just buy a premade overhead shelf. If you do decide to go with this solution, use clear totes so you can see what's stored inside or else label the totes thoroughly. I suggest labeling at least two sides of colored totes, in case they get oriented differently when reloaded onto the tracks.

It's also possible to change unused ceiling space into space for storing is by setting up a shelf along the perimeter of your garage. Once again, there is an alternative to build or buy. This provide enough space to keep one row of totes. This style of shelving does not entice you to bury your totes double deep, although I do not like the wasted space in the middle of the ceiling. One particularly creative product you can buy on the Internet is the Monkey Bar storage shelf. They offer numerous configurations made by using standard pieces in different combinations. Their rack can be bought as a shelf kit, golf rack, tool rack, etc. I particularly enjoy the sliding hooks as it allows me to shuffle how I initially created to be my best configuration of hooks, but then decided there is on a slightly better order of setting up the hooks. This type of mixing is difficult if I use a dozen stand alone hooks and nails.

My last suggestion for ceiling storage is a motorized lift. Smaller units like the Racor brand lift has lower weight limits of 250 lbs. Garage Gator has a versatile system of power-driven hooks and cables. And for the heavy duty lifts, check out the Loft-It storage lift. This monster features a 1200 pound weight limit so you can put a watercraft, motorcycle, or lawn tractor on it. This product is pricey, but cheaper than constructing another garage!

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