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Learning The Methods Of A Gopher Exterminator

When one owns a garden or a yard where in he grows fruits and vegetable, there will be a big chance that his yard will be filled with holes that were caused by the digging of gophers. Now the first reaction of anyone would be to call gopher exterminator to help fix this problem. When the professional comes in, pay attention to everything he does because he will often use very simple methods that anyone can do.

The very first method that is used by the experts would be to use a water hose to drown the gophers out right away. Now the professionals do not like to harm these gophers because they do still have a conscious that will prevent them from killing animals. So the easiest way to get rid of these small creatures would be to simply fill their homes with water.

Now sometimes the water technique does not work and this problem will require a little more work. So another thing that a lot of experts would do is that they would use traps to keep the gophers contained. These metal cage like traps are put on the top of the gopher hole with some food in it.

Another way that exterminators use to chase away gophers would be to use gopher flares or smoke bombs in order to smoke their houses. Now although anyone can throw a smoke bomb into a hole, only professionals know how to handle this tool carefully. The smoke bomb would then scare out the gophers and make them scamper out of their homes.

Now there would be cases in which the gophers are very strong and stubborn that they will not escape the whole no matter what happens. During these cases, the exterminators will have no choice but to kill the gophers because nothing else works. Usually, experts would be using one of the two poisonous materials that are found in their arsenal.

The first type of poison that professionals would use would be the poison bait like strychnine where in the gophers would think it is food and would eat it. When they eat the poisonous bait, they instantly die and the exterminators can bring them away. However, one must be careful around this poison because it will also affect humans if not handled carefully.

Of course one may also use the more sure fire way of killing gophers which is to use aluminum phosphide. This type of poison is a toxic gas that does not leave any residues and can kill any living being that will inhale it. Now although this method is very effective, it should not be used unless all of the others have already faltered because it can really kill.

So basically, those are some of the ways a gopher exterminator can do his job. The first three methods may be done by ordinary people because the materials can be bought anywhere at any time. However, the last two methods must be done by professionals only because there are extremely big risks that are involved when handling poisonous substances like the bait and the gas.

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