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Top Reasons To Choose Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Honeycomb cellular shades provide year round benefits in keeping you more comfortable. They look good enough to use alone, but are also right at home behind other types of window treatments. These blinds offer superior insulation for your windows and available in different levels of light diffusion. They can help reduce your energy bills.

The insulating ability of these units makes them popular additions in the winter months. However, they can also reduce summer cooling bills as well. The protect rooms from solar heating that takes place in the summer, thus reducing the load on the air conditioning system. They also protect the furnishings inside the home from the harmful UV rays that can cause fading and deterioration.

For the bedroom, many individuals enjoy light blocking window treatment. Such units prevent morning sun from waking you before your alarm clock. In urban areas, where light pollution is a problem at night, the units help by controlling the light entering a room. They are very effective at improving the sleep of night shift workers who need to sleep during daytime hours.

With the double fabric layers and trapped air, noise from outside one's home is also reduced. Whether you are bothered by traffic noise, barking dogs or playing children, the muffling effect is appreciated. Your home becomes a quiet place for relaxing.

One of the concerns about shades for many homeowners, is the danger that cords produce for children or pets. Today, these units are available in cordless options. They use tiny electric motors to roll the window treatment up or down, allowing you to adjust as necessary to allow the right amount of natural lighting to enter a home.

Reviewers tend to prefer the D-shaped cells. The shape is better for holding the accordion shape needed to trap air in providing insulation. Spun lace is softer and heavier than point bond fabric. The spun lace is also a better insulator all year long than is the less expensive point bond product. Double cell units are better for those looking for insulation value.

There are options as to the amount of light allowed through the unit. Light filtering models allow some light to show through while still providing for privacy and insulating the glass. To prevent more light, one might choose a room darkening shade. Such units are a good choice for areas where light can be distracting. They are popular for home theaters as well as for use in the bedroom or anywhere light can be bothersome.

You will find a shade to match practically any color combination. While the shade can be used alone, it also works well when paired with drapes or other window treatments for a dramatic look. Pleat sizes are available in small to large sizes depending on the look one wants to create in the room.

Honeycomb cellular shades are a great option to reduce the summer sunshine that increases the load on your air conditioning. Their insulating factor also helps to prevent cold drafts from windows in the winter. They can be used to create stunning window treatments in many different areas of the home.

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