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Facts About Carpet Cleaning

While we can clean many parts of our home ourselves, getting our carpeting and area rugs completely clean can be quite tricky. Calling in a professional Prairieville carpet cleaner or Baton Rouge carpet cleaning service can be an easy, effective way to keep carpets looking their best as well as staying as clean as possible. It takes just a few hours to get your carpets and area rugs looking practically brand new.

Before your carpet cleaner arrives, it's rarely necessary to move around your furniture. Most cleaning services will move the furniture. What you do need to move are any other items resting on the floors, such as a floor lamp or perhaps a basket or potted plants. We often find a variety of interesting items under beds and couches, so consider doing a quick clean-up in these areas.

People sometimes mistakenly believe that carpets are very wet after cleaning and that you must avoid walking on them until they are perfectly dry. Your carpets might be a bit damp, but they really shouldn't be wet, as the cleaning equipment removes most of the water. While you shouldn't wear street shoes on freshly deep cleaned carpets, walking on the carpet is usually fine. In general, removing shoes before you walk on your carpet is a great way to keep them clean for as long as possible.

Many times people simply call in professional cleaners because they want their home to look better and smell fresher, but that is just a side benefit of carpet cleaning. The main benefit of cleaning is that it can protect your health. Dirty carpet is full of all sorts of undesirables, such as fungi, dust mites, bacteria and even viruses. The norovirus, which causes what we call the stomach flu, can live in your carpeting for more than a month. Cleaning removes all of these toxins, so calling in your professional Denham Springs carpet cleaners twice each year can be a big way to improving your health.

Stains are something that we all try to avoid, but realistically, at some time or another we are going to spill or splatter something on our carpeting. In general, most stains can be removed, but the sooner they are treated, the better chance you will have of removing the substance. Before you treat, it is wise to know what type of carpet fibers you have and then seek some advice. Call a trusted carpet cleaner for advice or find a carpet-related website with advice about stain treating.

While deep cleaning is the best way to get your carpets truly clean, you obviously cannot have the cleaners come every week. To keep the dirt at bay, vacuum those carpets thoroughly at least one time each week although two or three times is better in areas with a great deal of traffic. As we shared before, removing your shoes is a terrific way to maintain cleanliness, and if you have pets that often are outside, make sure paws are wiped before they come into the house.

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