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Making Changes To Your Hog Farm

A letter was recently sent out to hog farmers where Tyson Foods is said to be asking farmers to make changes in the way pigs are cared for and housed. Tyson foods is the second largest processor for chicken, pork and beef they wish to be assured of a more humane treatment for the animals used for their products, as public pressure increases regarding these issues. Improving the conditions of hogs along with the alleviation of possible damage on the surroundings can be found in many ways.

There are several issues addressed by this letter, the first of which is video monitoring. Tyson suggests that placing video cameras throughout your farm to ensure that employees are following proper procedures. This includes monitoring the treatment of animals, as well as making sure that employees are following protocols to reduce contamination or the spread of disease.

Tyson's letter also tackles the issue of pain management where it is being suggested that pain management for animals during tail docking or castration be provided. As of current time no approved drugs can be found in addressing this particular pain management, Tyson said that this issue will be researched on and so farmers are encouraged to discuss this further with veterinarian who is reliable.

A harder opinion came from Tyson with regards to asking some farms to actually put a stop on the use of manual blunt force euthanasia in killing piglets. They should consider opting for more human alternatives as many can be found. Along with it came Tyson's suggestion for better housing conditions for animals. This should begin with sows and piglets being placed in rooms where they can actually move more freely - the basic point being raised by Tyson.

Agricultural waste management, although not addressed by the Tyson letter, is an important part of hog farming and there are actually some very easy ways to reduce common waste problems such as sludge build-up, foaming, crusting and even reduce the odors and flies so prevalent near waste pits and waste lagoons.

The use of AgraSphere which is a natural product is a good example if farmers want to deal with said issues, even help prevent them before they happen. There are no chemicals found in this product where it instead relies on natural bacteria microbes so that waste solids can be eaten away thus liquefying waste. By simply tossing this biodegradable sphere into the waste lagoon or pit microbes are immediately released. To add to its prevention of the problems, you will also find waste nutrient value improved which ensures better utilization of waste turned to fertilizer for crops which is a great way to earn extra aside from hog farming.

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