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Avoiding Allergic Reactions

The living room or living area of the home is constantly bombarded by clutter, dust, dirt, and the residue of everyday life because, well, it is the living area of the home. But just because the living area of the home is also the most likely to get dirty, this does not mean that a homeowner should give up on keeping the living room clean.

You do not want to guess and make a mistake. For example, if you use the wrong chemical on wood you could make a nasty, discolored spot on your floor. It is important to know which type of cleaner is best to use on which type of floor. If you are cleaning linoleum, you will want to make sure that you use a solvent that is not chemical-based.

By getting all the cleaning supplies that one will need to clean their living room ready beforehand, the entire cleaning process will be able to continue with greater easy and with greater speed.

It is also advisable to avoid using alkaline products on linoleum as they can discolor it. Alkaline products leave behind a yellowish tint in some cases. Another thing that you will want to make sure you do, is test the product, even if you think it will be safe to use in a small area of the floor that is out of the way and unnoticeable. This way, you will be able to see if it causes damage before your cover your entire floor with it.

After compiling the needed supplies, a person who wants to clean their living room fast and effective should start by attacking the clutter. Living rooms are notorious for gathering random items from across the home which have been left there by this person or that family member.

In addition to helping clean up animal dander, having the carpet of the home cleaned regularly will help an individual avoid another common asthma inducer-dust mites. Dust mites can be found throughout the home and especially in the bedding of the bedroom.

Once the random items of the home have been cleared or replaced, the living room will immediately look much cleaner, but the work is not yet finished. After the clutter is removed, a person can easily begin to vacuum the floor, quickly dust the shelves and other furniture and start on the couch.

In order to avoid the situation where you have to clean it several times in a row in order to remove all of the dirt, you will want to make sure that you clean it regularly so that the dirt cannot build up. Another benefit of cleaning tiles regularly is that it will remove the scratches that appear in the tile.

Next, a person can remove items that have fallen between the cushions and vacuum the interior of the couch, love seat, or chair. With the above steps a person can have their living room cleared of clutter, the floor vacuumed, furniture dusted and couches cleaned all within fifteen to twenty minutes.

Carpets are also tricky to know how to clean properly. With carpets it is very important to vacuum regularly so that the dirt does not get stuck in the carpet. At the very least you should vacuum at least once a week, but areas where people walk through more often may need to be vacuumed more often. There are also various cleaners that you can use to remove stains, but you will want to check it in a small area before you apply it in the center of the room so that it does not discolor your carpet.

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