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What You May Not Know About African Cichlids Care

For many people that enjoy rearing fish and keeping aquariums, African cichlids are some of the most amazing species that you can hold or take care of. This is due to the fact that the fish come in a variety of colors, the most common being a lovely yellow and purple. Besides that, the fish is very easy to rear and look after. Below are a few important things that you need to know about African Cichlids care.

To start with, you will have to get an aquarium if you do not have one already. The most important thing to note when you are setting up an aquarium is that it must have conditions that are same for the natural habitat of these fish species. This means that the temperatures have to be maintained at a level of about 74 to 82 degrees.

Do not allow the heat level to go to either high or low extremes as it can lead to the death of the species. They do not have a resistance against the extreme environments and they are very delicate. This will mean that you avoid putting the facility on direct sunshine or in the rain. If it gets cold; you will need a heating system to raise the warmth of the water to the desired level.

The nesting condition that you will be needed to look at is the pH level. The optimum level for the fish type is about 7.8 to 8.5. Taking regular measurements is the best way to make sure that the level stays normal. In addition to that, in case you realize the level is falling, you can add soda to prevent the water from becoming too acidic.

The hygiene and cleanliness of the tank are compulsory. When you are nurturing this fish, you should do everything possible to keep their environment fresh and tidy. You will be doing tank filtration on a regular basis so as to get rid of the unnecessary particles away from the tank. You will also inspect the airline and air stone and see to it that they are in a proper condition always.

The other thing not to forget about caring for cichlids is that you have to feed them regularly. Make sure that you take the time and learn about the best foods for these fish. Get your food from a reliable fish food store and make sure that you feed them small amounts of food at regular intervals.

Lighting is very important for the fish because it boosts their health. The species are also sensitive to light, and it will keep them moving fast in the water. You should fix a fluorescent light by placing the tubes above the aquarium. When you have properly lit the equipment, it will give you a very amazing and pleasurable view. You will be assured of that your home or office will be looking so unique and attractive.

Those are the most important things that you need to note about this kind of care. The important things to have in mind include the fact that the keener you are about maintaining the condition of your aquarium, the better and healthier your fish will be. Take the time and learn all the right ways to take care of this fish. It is the best way to assure yourself of a long life with the amazing fish species.

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