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Find Out How A New Jersey Divorce Attorney Aids Locals With Divorce Legal Needs

Anyone in the Garden State who wants to end their marriage on their own terms must immediately consult with a New Jersey divorce lawyer before taking any further steps. This is an equitable distribution state, which means the circumstances of the case make a lot of difference. The time it takes to get divorced also differs based on the cause cited for the split.

Assets being distributed equitably does not mean both spouses get equal shares. Rather, each party gets to keep their own earnings and whatever they had before their marriage. The NJ Superior Court judge who presides over cases filed in the family division has a lot of latitude to decide who gets how much.

Divorces in the Garden State may be granted even as no-fault, which means no reason is required. Such divorces, even if they are uncontested, require an 18-month separation before the petition is accepted. A filing may also cite a reason, which can make quite a big difference.

No doubt hiring a lawyer is the smart thing to do, if only to ensure that the paperwork has no errors. But it's also extremely helpful when the parties are looking for faster approval. There are quite a few reasons that will bring down the waiting period sharply.

In cases where adultery is cited as the cause, the petition is approved without any delay. For desertion, the waiting time is reduced to a year. For cases of extreme cruelty, a three-month separation is deemed sufficient.

If a petition for divorce has been filed in a New Jersey court, then it is incumbent upon the other spouse to get hold of a lawyer. A response must be filed quickly to avoid a default judgment being issued. Ending a marriage is a painful issue, but the least that can be done is to end it quickly and in a manner that is fair as per NJ state law.

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