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Living Room Curtains And Living Room Rugs

Provided they are chosen correctly, living room curtains make a room. All interior decorators state this for a fact. Color and fabric, length and lining, custom-made or off-the-shelf are the factors in their selection.

Fabric is an essential factor in the selection of living room curtains, simply because the material dictates how well curtains function and hold up over time. Folding crisply when drawn is uncharacteristic of a curtain that is too heavy while falling well is improbable with a curtain that is too light.

In the selection of living room curtains, it is best to hold fabrics up to a window, regardless if one is in a fabric showroom. When you do, you need to pleat it like an accordion at the top and then let it drape. A curtain that starts to flare like a piece of crinoline will not fall nicely on a window.

The true drape of a fabric cannot be gauged with a small piece of living room curtains. It is best to work with a big sample, of say 2 yards. The fact that sunlight fades fabrics over time is a thing to keep in mind.

It is essential that the best one can afford is bought when it comes to living room rugs. Pay no mind to living with bare floors while scraping for those precious little pennies. Good quality natural materials to look for when it comes to rugs are still wool and silk.

High quality living room rugs will wear well and even look better over time. Wool rugs are like having a wonderful piece of wood furniture as you rub your hand over it every day. They have the capacity to develop its own patina through light exposure with air and feet walking on it.

Sisal, jute and grass living room rugs are difficult to clean. They, however, do cost less. But then, they do not last long either. Spill them with red wine and they are goners.

The general rule is to use the cost of the other living room furniture to know how much to spend on living room rugs. More or less, a rug can cost as much if not slightly higher than a sofa. With this price limit in mind, a little flexibility may be added to the price by adding a 10% mark-up. Another general rule in the choice of a rug is having it 2 feet shorter than the smallest wall in the living room.

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