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Living Room Color And Paint Ideas

The right living room color ideas can transform a living room into a classy and comfortable space of dreams. Conversely, the wrong colors can quickly change a living room to a stuff nightmares are made of.

The implementation of living room color ideas is preceded by a basic understanding of color matching as well as a proper selection of dominant, secondary and accent hues. Choosing a palette is based on the themes and colors that appeal to the homeowner together with the colors that show the most out of the living room.

There is a basic 60-30-10 rule that can be followed with regards to living room color ideas. This rule states that 60% of the living room should be a dominant color, 30% should be a secondary color and 10% should be an accent color. It is a given that all three colors should coordinate well with each other.

The selection of dominant and secondary colors is a very subjective choice. It is the prerogative of the homeowner to choose colors that he can tolerate well in large doses. If a color strains his eyes as he looks at it in large doses or if a color creates a bad impression on him, the color is a wrong choice and must be deleted from his living room paint ideas.

Accent colors are part and parcel of living room paint ideas. Accent colors are usually bold colors. They are sure to spice up a living room when they are placed in a bright punch. A sense of life and vitality is brought to a living room by a bright color sprinkled in small doses.

A homeowner is sure to benefit from a familiarization with the color wheel when it comes to the implementation of his living room paint ideas. Having a general idea of where colors are in relation with one another on the wheel will allow a homeowner to balance the colors in his living room. Knowing colors found on polar opposite ends of the wheel are complementary colors that coordinate well with each other will guide a homeowner in his selection of the right colors.

Looking at paint cards, swatches of fabric or color samples side by side will aid an uncertain homeowner to determine how a prospective color scheme will look. Before investing time and money on paint and furnishings to implement his living room paint ideas, he must first make this very important comparison. It is from the largest piece in the living room that the color scheme for the room is selected.

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