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Chicago Roofing Company Provides Superior Service Options

There may be damage to a roof that does not show up until a heavy rainfall occurs. Light rain does not always penetrate. Chicago Roofing Service Contractors can be on hand to take care of the damaged part of the roof.

A wind storm may cause damage that is not readily apparent. It may only be noticed when a heavy rain falls. The homeowner can consult his or her insurance agent to find out how to go about filing a claim.

Before hiring a roofing contractor, the homeowner should be sure he is bonded, licensed and insured. If the job is installing a new roof, the old shingles must be removed first. This is true in the case of a repair as well.

Worn shingles must be removed to make way for the new installation. Occasionally, new ones are installed on top of the worn ones. This is not the optimal way of doing the job.

A contractor sometimes finds a roof that already has two layers of shingles. No reputable roofer will install another layer on top of the first two. All the extra weight would weaken the supporting structure.

A homeowner can request a free inspection and estimate. A contractor will examine the roof and approximate the cost. Prior to doing the repair or replacement, the contractor will meet with the insurance agent to discuss details.

This insures that planned repairs comply with any requirements stated in the policy. This may include meeting with the adjuster in person. The homeowner will receive tips on the best type of roof to install and how a service contract can be a good preventative measure in the future.

A roof should be a color that either matches or complements the architecture of the home. Visual appeal is, of course, important. However, durability is of equal importance since a new roof is an expensive home improvement.

Regardless of the kind of roofing materials used, the cost of installing them is the same. They can be made of cement, plastic, wood, slate or flagstone. It is best to use a high quality product.

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