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Interesting Facts About Michigan State University

If you plan on attending Michigan State University in the future, it is a good idea to know a little bit about this school, which has the ninth largest student body in the United States. Here are a few interesting facts about Michigan State, the home of the Spartans.

In 1855, Michigan State opened its doors for the first time and in the first year of their operation only 63 students and five instructors were there. It was initially called the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan and also was the first agricultural college in the United States. Michigan State University as it is currently called was the name adopted only in 1964. Starting off as a college exclusive for men, in 1870 it was turned into a co-educational institution.

As a member of the Big Ten, MSU has had a long and distinguish athletic history. The university football team has participated in five Rose Bowls, the most recent of which was in 2014 where they defeated Stanford University. In their five Rose Bowl appearances, they have lost only once, back in 1966 to UCLA. The men's basketball team also has won two NCAA basketball championships, and is the alma mater of NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson. Overall, MSU offers a dozen intercollegiate sports for men and 13 for women.

With MSU you can choose from about 20 different colleges for a variety of four-year or graduate degrees. although this particular institution is well known for its College of Agriculture and Natural Resources you can also enroll in colleges for engineering, veterinary medicine, human medicine, education, law, nursing or even music and more. Every college can give you different areas of study and help you earn degrees. A good example is you can major in different languages, theater, philosophy, art history, women's studies or more in their College of Arts and Letters.

Since it is important for students to have social interactions in the campus, MSU guarantees hundreds of groups to join in. Regardless of your interest, you are sure to find a club or group in the campus which can cater to you. Examples are geography club, geology club, ballroom dance team, a Quidditch group as well as clubs for those practicing a specific religion or a club for those interested in watching Doctor Who. Every student is encouraged to join a group as there can be something for everyone and it's the best way to meet other people and be interactive.

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