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Living Room Design

Aspects to consider in living room design are functionality and decorativeness. The creation of a room that is visually appealing is the major factor in the decorativeness of a living room.

The elements needing attention in the functional aspect of a living room design include the comfort of the space, furniture layout and traffic patterns. Not to be forgotten as a functional element is having the right spaces and furniture for all room activities including entertaining.

By determining what a living room is to be used for, the functionality of a living room design can be put in order. Entertaining, executing family games, reading and television watching are among the most common living room activities.

As far as entertaining is concerned, the number of guests to be invited is a determining factor for the insurance of enough seating and space in a living room design. Sans often entertaining, the living room can be turned to a cozy retreat area for the family members.

The assurance of having enough room and furniture for each and every living room activity can only be accomplished with the knowledge of what activities are to be done in the living room. The correctness of the living room design is dependent on this fact.

The traditional decorating ideas and furniture layout for a living room design with a standard shape may not work for a living room with an awkward or unusual shape. Corollary to this, a small living room design will not apply to a very large living room.

Small living room design involves using smaller scale furniture pieces. This may also require modification of furniture or use of unconventional pieces. On the other hand, for large living rooms, large and over-sized pieces may be in order.

Small living room design includes the positioning of the pieces so that the room appears uncluttered. The living space must remain easy to navigate in at all times. It must also have areas intentionally created for conversations between homeowners and guests.

Sofas and chairs are grouped together to set up a conversation area in a small living room design. A conversation area is an area where people can talk to one another easily. Another requirement for a conversation area is its arrangement in such a way that people can walk around them never through them.

Another aspect of small living room design is finding a focal point to the space. A window or fireplace can be architectural features that can act as focal points. A large piece of furniture, an art or wall hanging can be the focal point in living rooms without built-in features.

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